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About Hung Pham (Director)

Hung Pham is currently a 25-year-old; entrepreneur based in Melbourne, Australia. He is the Executive Director for the Miss Royalty International Australia pageant & the Miss of Australia pageant. 


Hung is currently your 2021 World Mr Tourism Australia & has since undertaken various of roles within the pageant industry including working behind the scenes at Miss Universe Australia under Deborah Miller guidance, judging at various reputable pageants across Australia and gracing our television screens appearing on different commercials & reality television. 

Creating the system gave Hung a task that was challenging and adventurous. He wanted a pageant that actively encourages a group of women & men to embrace who they are by making a difference in today’s society.

Hung states "the Miss of Australia & Miss Royalty International Australia pageant promises to be one of the most anticipated and fastest-growing pageants in Australia. As our contestants go through their pageant journey, they will find it to be a journey of self-discovery and self-development."


"Take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about yourself, and to ensure you enjoy every moment of it. Ultimately, success is not measured by whether or not you wear the crown. Success is determined by how well you prepare, how well you compete and how well you handle yourself."

Notable Pageant Wins

2016: Mr Diamond Australia ​

2017: Mr Diamond Australia Ambassador

2019: Mr Vietnam Global Australia

2020: National Australian Mister

2021: World Mr Tourism Australia 

Notable Business Awards

2019: Global Hospitality Award - Most Empowering Pageant

2019: Nominee for Pageant Director of the Year - AGSA

2019: Nominee for Best International Pageant Director

2020: Global Hospitality Award - Most Empowering Pageant Organisers

Notable Pageants Worked

2014: Magnificent Miss Competition

2014 - 2015: Miss Universe Australia 

2014 & 2016: Miss Grand Australia & Miss Supranational Australia












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Business Updates

Applications for Miss and Mister of Australia 2020-2021 are currently closed & will not open in due course. 


The 3rd annual Miss and Mister of Australia will take place on Thursday, April 8th 2021 in Victoria. 

Applications for Miss Royalty International Australia - Appointed Finalists are currently closed. 

Expression of Interest for Miss Royalty Australia, Miss of Australia and Mister of Australia 2022 is currently opened. Please head to APPLY now to register.

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