• Hung Pham

    A Lover of All Things - Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, Pink, Navy & Greens.

  • Katie McCormick

    Obsessed with everything Disney & one of her favourite movies is Beauty and the Beast.

  • Keri Keightley

    Absolutely Pug Crazy & Would

    Love a House Full of them.

  • Jason Keightley

    Loves to make Light of Most Situations

    & Make People Laugh.

  • Misha Lee

    Enjoys Musicals & Retains

    a Childlike Love for Dinosaurs.

  • Danni Darbyshire

    Addicted to Travelling, Pizza and Shopping & Always dreamt of living in London one day.

  • Angela Giokas

    Loves Making People Smile & Dancing her Heart Out to Boogie Wonderland.

  • Rachael Meehan

    Currently works as a Front Liner Staff in Nursing & placed Top 15 at Mrs Globe.

  • Sophie Jackson

    Currently works as a Dental Nurse & Wants to Work as a Paediatric Nurse in the Future.

  • Lexie Berry

    Absolutely loves Children & Wants to Travel to London to work as a Nanny. 

  • An Ngo Lang

    Currently works as an Actor & Can speak up to 4 languages including Vietnamese.

Business Updates

Applications for Miss and Mister of Australia 2020-2021 are currently closed & will not open in due course. 


The 3rd annual Miss and Mister of Australia will take place on Thursday, April 8th 2021 in Victoria. 

Applications for Miss Royalty International Australia - Appointed Finalists are currently closed. 

Expression of Interest for Miss Royalty Australia, Miss of Australia and Mister of Australia 2022 is currently opened. Please head to APPLY now to register.

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