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At the heart of the Australia's Royalty Pageant organisation, we provide each and every contestant with the opportunity to work alongside amazing mentors who have years of experience with what they offer.  We have been very fortunate enough to partner up alongside some amazing people who have helped us along the way. At Australia's Royalty Pageant, our program provides both theoretical and interactive courses that will be passed onto our contestants for them to utilise this to the best of their ability inside and outside of the pageant world. 

Laura holds a strong presence in the pageant community and is often interviewing, judging and supporting pageant girls of all ages. 

She has been a contestant supporter and encourager of the Australia Galaxy Pageants, Aussie Power Pageants & National Australian Miss Program.

Laura has many friends throughout her years of glamorous service as their sister queen.

Recently, Laura has been appointed to a new role within Australia's Royalty Pageant as the new Pageant Choreographer for the event.

Though Laura has been with Australia's Royalty Pageant for quite a number of years now. 


We are looking forward to having her back to continue her service with us. 

Laura  - Ms Australia Regency International

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Being a mentor for Australia's Royalty Pageant allows me to pass on my knowledge, experience and passion for pageantry and to encourage women to be advocates for platforms they are passionate about. 

Australia's Royalty Pageant embodies the true meaning of pageantry, empowering the beauty within and making real impacts on vulnerable and marginalised communities. 

Australia's Royalty Pageant creates an atmosphere for contestants to build friendship, find confidence, step out of their comfort zone and redefine themselves in ways they didn't think they could. 

I believe a woman with passion, confidence, and a message has the power to change the world. As the famous Cher once said 'Women are the real architects of society'. 

Brooke  - Miss Global Australia 2022


Chloe and Tishya's experience as winners of Miss Royalty International makes them valuable mentors for the national competition. 

They have first-hand experience of what it takes to win a prestigious pageant & will be offering insights and advice for our Delegates throughout the competition. 

As mentors, Chloe and Tishya can help contestants develop the skills and confidence needed to succeed in the competition. They can provide guidance on everything from wardrobe and styling to interview preparation and stage presence.


They can also help contestants navigate the sometimes complex and competitive world of beauty pageants, offering support and encouragement along the way.


Chloe and Tishya's success as pageant contestants also serves as inspiration for their mentees. By sharing their own experiences and stories, they can motivate and encourage aspiring pageant contestants to work hard and reach for their goals.

Chloe Commane

Miss Teen Royalty International 2023

Tishya Del Rosario

Miss Royalty International 2023 x Queen of Queens 


With over 20 years in Makeup, Wardrobe and Set Styling, as well as 10+ years in Fashion Photography, Katie is passionate about seeing everyone be the best version of themselves, inside and out.


Having had her own struggles with Body Image and Self Confidence, Katie knows the value of looking good and feeling great about yourself.


Experienced in facilitating workshops for those brands new to makeup and wardrobe, right through to her passion project helping Women rediscover their sense of self.


 Katie looks forward to sharing her experience with her Sash-ters at home and across the globe.

Katie Mouser - Ms Royalty International Australia 2024

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