Hello, everyone, my name is Molly Carter, I am 18 years old and I live on the beautiful island state of Tasmania. I am currently in my first year of college, studying Fashion and Design. I one day hope to pursue a career in the fashion industry. 


My, Australia's Royalty Pageant journey has been an incredible experience filled with many wonderful opportunities and obstacles. Along the way, I have made many positive relationships and have learnt valuable life skills. I am amazed by how supportive and accepting the Miss of Australia community is. 


Since participating in Miss of Australia, I have been given the opportunity to represent Australia in the Miss Royalty International pageant in America. I am so excited to be blessed with such a privilege and I can’t wait to represent my beautiful country. 


I am passionate about helping others and being a positive role model. I often look at ways to help within my community, such as donating items to local animal shelters and creating care bundles for women shelters. I believe helping others that are less fortunate than myself and doing random acts of kindness is important to living a wholesome and happy life. I advocate for kindness to others no matter their circumstances. I believe that everyone is valued and should be treated with respect and humanity.  


Through my journey as Miss Teen Royalty International Australia, I hope to encourage others to believe in themselves and to have the courage to embrace their individuality.  I look forward to connecting with the broader community and promoting the awareness of pageantry. 


Hi, lovely to meet you! I'm Hanna Tran - a 27-year-old Chinese & Vietnamese Australian from Melbourne, an Australian city well-known for its unpredictable weather. 


If I could describe my pageant journey in 3 words, it would be empowering, uplifting and positive. Now your Miss Royalty International Australia 2020, I woke up one morning 3 years ago and set myself the goal to try something outside of my comfort zone. This led me to pageantry and eventually Miss of Australia, and I haven't looked back since. 


Outside of pageantry, I'm a Black Belt in Karate, volunteer in the Vietnamese/Australian community and a Corporate Receptionist where I deliver positive first impressions and experiences to people at work every day. Growing up and working in a multicultural country, I always try to encourage everyone to celebrate diversity and love our differences.


I'd love for you to follow my journey to Miss Royalty International 2021, where you'll find me continuing my work within the Vietnamese/Australian community, but also encouraging young women of different cultures to chase their dreams and not let their backgrounds limit them. I can't wait to bring a piece of my Vietnamese/Australian culture with me to Wisconsin, USA!

Business Updates

Applications for Miss and Mister of Australia 2020-2021 are currently closed & will not open in due course. 


The 3rd annual Miss and Mister of Australia will take place on Thursday, April 8th 2021 in Victoria. 

Applications for Miss Royalty International Australia - Appointed Finalists are currently closed. 

Expression of Interest for Miss Royalty Australia, Miss of Australia and Mister of Australia 2022 is currently opened. Please head to APPLY now to register.

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