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About Hung Pham (Director)

Greetings from Australia! 


I’m Hung Pham, a 25-year-old fashion aficionado based in Melbourne, a city on the far south of Australia known for its ‘4 seasons a day’. Age 25, I’m pleased to achieve many goals I never would imagine to achieve when I was younger. 


Having recently earned the title of World Mister Tourism Australia 2021, I’m currently a proud advocate for Beauty of Diversity, encouraging more aspiring Beauty Queens to compete in pageants that don’t judge them on physical appearances nor physical fitness. Asides from my duties as a Beauty King, I’m the Executive Director for the Miss Royalty International Australia looking over Australia, New Zealand & the Asia Pacific Region as well as the National Director for the Miss of Australia pageant. And if that wasn’t already enough, I’m also represented by JustKhoo Agency, where I’m blessed to star in a variety of different Australian shows and commercials. I also spearhead events in the fashion, weddings and music industry. You could say I’m a person that never stops: I’m always on the go and adrenaline fuels me. 



Hung states ‘the Miss Royalty International Australia pageant promises to be one of the most anticipated and fastest-growing pageants in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific Regions. Our national candidates go through a journey of self-discovery and self-development.’ 


‘Miss Royalty International Australia is an open pageant for girls and women aged 4 and up, including Ms., Mrs. and the Woman division. Not only is this system inclusive, but it also encourages each candidate to make an impact in their communities. 

Notable Pageant Wins

2016: Mr Diamond Australia ​

2017: Mr Diamond Australia Ambassador

2019: Mr Vietnam Global Australia

2020: National Australian Mister

2021: World Mr Tourism Australia 

Notable Business Awards

2019: Global Hospitality Award - Most Empowering Pageant

2019: Nominee for Pageant Director of the Year - AGSA

2019: Nominee for Best International Pageant Director

2020: Global Hospitality Award - Most Empowering Pageant Organisers

Notable Pageants Worked

2014: Magnificent Miss Competition

2014 - 2015: Miss Universe Australia 

2014 & 2016: Miss Grand Australia & Miss Supranational Australia












Business Updates

We are currently not accepting applications for the Miss & Mister of Australia 2021 pageant. 


The third Miss & Mister of Australia pageant will take place on Thursday, April 8th 2021 in Victoria. 


Applications are now opened for the first Miss Royalty International Australia 2022. Please head to our Apply Now tab to register your interest. 

Please note; we are no longer accepting Appointed Titleholders for Miss Royalty International Australia for the year 2021 and 2022. If you are eager to represent New Zealand or Asia Pacific, please send us an email to info@missofaustralia.com

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