Our Judges and Emcees come from a diverse range of occupations in the Fashion, Pageant and Professional industry. The common bond they share with each other is that they are successful in their own way through personal growth and development. 

2018 Judges: Alicia O'Loghlen (Royal International Miss Australia), Kaelyn Corker (International Junior Miss), Grace Cruise (Miss Fashion Week Australia), Tami Ortega (Blogger), Elizabeth Blazevski (Fashion Blogger) and Emcee; Kyla Brack (World Miss Teen Tourism). 

2019 Judges: Amanda Jacobson (Working in Public Relations), Jessica Parish (Miss Global City Australia), Tiarah Fisher (Global Elite Miss Teen Australia), Rachael Meehan (Mrs Globe Australia), Laura Bradley (Miss Global Australia), Indyanna Ciccone (Miss Teen Australia Regency International), Elizabeth Blazevski (Fashion Blogger) and Emcee; Hanna Tran (Royalty International Ms Australia Pacific). 

2020-2021 Judges: Raena Loft (International Junior Miss Victoria), Molly Carter (Miss Royalty Oceania), Hanna Tran (Miss Royalty Australia), Saloni Kalra (Miss. of Australia), An Ngo Lang (Miss of Australia Ambassador), Laura Bradley (Miss Global Australia), Dhanusha Poobalasingham (Fashion Blogger) and Emcee; Catherine Crooks (Ms of Australia). 

Who will be our 2022 Judges & Emcees? Stay Tuned for more information.