Director's Message

We are pleased to have you a part of the Miss of Australia Organisation. As you embark on an invaluable experience, you will go through a journey of self-discovery and development. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn about yourself, and to ensure you enjoy every moment of it. 

Ultimately, success is not measured by whether or not you wear the crown. Success is determined by how well you prepare, how well you compete and how well you handle yourself.

Awards Won by Pageant from LuxLife:

Most Empowering Beauty Pageant 2018

Most Empowering Beauty Pageant 2019

Most Empowering Beauty Pageant 2021

Awards Won by Pageant from Corporate Vision:

Most Empowering Pageant System 2021


At the Miss of Australia Organisation, We are fighting to Empower Women & Young Girls by Competing in our Beauty Pageants to Advocate for those who do not have a Voice. We are Committed to advocating Self Love, Body Acceptance by reaching a Diverse Group of Women from across Australia & the World. 


'Beauty and Compassion to Influence the World'


  • Sisterhood

  • Friendship 

  • Feminism

  • Empowerment 

  • Leadership

  • Intelligent 

  • Diversity 

  • Family Friendly System